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[AT] A Slumbering SOUL :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 2 4 Redesigned Giratina Pokesona! :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 2 13
My Roleplaying Guidelines!!
A few rules before you ask to RP with me.
1. I WILL NOT DO 18+. Although I'm a legal adult, I will not tolerate these kinds of RPs. Ask me to do these and you will be ignored. Ask multiple times and you will be blocked.
2. I will only use narrative (paragraph) format. Script format barely leaves any information for me to work with. BE DESCRIPTIVE!
3. I really only do classic roleplaying scenarios and a few transformation RPs. PLEASE ASK ME ABOUT SIDE EFFECTS FOR THE LATTER.
4. Please don't spam comments/notes telling me to reply. I'll get to it when I get to it.
:iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 2 5
Hypnosis TF RP (Friends only!!)
I've been looking around the realm of transformation roleplays, and by far one of the most unique to me was the one induced by hypnosis. So, naturally, I wanted to think of ways I could do this.
Unfortunately, I didn't really HAVE any ideas for scenarios as I was typing this, so I'll leave it up to you guys to help me create them!
My rules are as follows:
•Mind control is REQUIRED. Can't have hypnosis without that.
•Some fetishes are allowed, but make sure you talk to me about which ones you want and I'll tell you if I'm comfortable with them or not.
•YOU MUST BE IN MY FRIEND LIST IN ORDER TO PARTICIPATE. NO EXCEPTIONS. I'm sorry; I just need to get that out there. It's just a personal quirk of mine; I hope you understand.
And that's it! Leave a comment if you're interested ^^
:iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 1 142
Twili Imp TF RP
Imagine you came across a stone that had the ability to make you just like Midna from The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. It would turn you into a Twili imp, but the catch is that you are able to choose your appearance!
So, do you accept?
TG is allowed, but not entirely preferred.
:iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 1 165
Twilight Town TF RP
The Creepy Steeple is mysterious building. Every few months, the bell in the tower tolls, transforming a few unlucky individuals into new things.
As it just so happens, we are the two victims of this month's bell toll.
What do we transform into?
•Shadow Sirens (or just Shadows if we are male)
•Residents of Twilight Town
•Or we can be transformed separately into different things!
Side effects (for you) include: TG (more to be added later)
:iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 0 182
Selfie time?! :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 1 0 [Redraw] Glaaaaaare :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 7 4 Glittering Cave: Selene the Genie Meowstic :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 5 2 Too Much? :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 3 8 Shiny Genie~ :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 5 0 Meowstic Sona Redesign :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 5 6 Commission Info!! :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 0 0 Moon Bat :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 4 0 More Impish Art :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 3 0 Me as a Twili Imp :iconpokenerd2499:PokeNerd2499 4 3
My stuff


Blazey Blaze :iconpedrovin:Pedrovin 312 16 Blow Leaves Everyday :iconperfectpinkwater:PerfectPinkWater 41 2 Taming the Beast :iconmitzy-chan:Mitzy-Chan 299 13 030516 :iconventisette-stelle:Ventisette-Stelle 7 0 Midna doodle :iconsethvalance:SethValance 7 4 Link and Midna :iconthehandle18:thehandle18 16 0 Midna :iconmr-knock-knock:Mr-Knock-Knock 14 5 *le poke* :iconshowa-sylvie:Showa-Sylvie 50 10
Fairy Ring
This special ring is invisible to anyone else but the wearer once it is active and they have bought it.
Once active, it's powers can be used and are always active unless the user disables them by free choice and will, and only free choice and will.
A Fairy Ring cannot be used if stolen by a thief, whether from the seller or from the user, since it isn't active until sold legitimately for money and it cannot be used by anyone after that but the user.
It has the ability to be able to alter the appearance and form of the user at will. With this, one can transform into anyone or anything, even animals and monsters or mere objects and natural elements. They can also turn themselves into any person they wish to disguise themselves, even if it a slightly altered version of them, or to mix up elements of any human or anything in order to assume it's shape, appearance, and form.
However, doing so does not grant any other abilities other then that and does not effect any powers or abilities done
:iconcerisbeech:CerisBeech 5 23
Thanks Daruk :iconmidnatheprincess:MidnaThePrincess 32 2 midna :iconray666darkangel:Ray666DarkAngel 5 0 Midna :iconvflamie:VFlamie 9 3 BotW: a reason to sleep in :icontoonmidna1:ToonMidna1 35 26 Leisure :iconwinick-lim:Winick-Lim 280 14 Burden Bearing [comic + dub] :iconlethalityrush:Lethalityrush 458 42 A Ghosty Boy! :iconbluewuffy:BlueWuffy 4 1
Just stuff that catches my eye


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I wanna draw Midna but I don't have any ideas.



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